So you think you're still going to fake it
One more guy just to use and you'll make it
Another chapter in the way you live your life
All the lies you tell fit the person you're being
Who are you today and is he believing
All the crazy shit you've laid on him?

I guess you finally hit the big time
With your lies and trickery
Ain't divorce grand where you stand
In the lap of luxury?
Don't want to hear about the sorrow
That'll sure be following you
You had your chance at your last romance
But you just keep on playing through.

Since you've been gone I'm picking up the pieces
Putting them together kind of like a thesis
All coming down to how much I've been betrayed
Tomorrow comes and I don't have to worry
I'll find a new lover, I'm not in a hurry
Until I do I'm so glad I don't love you

I guess I finally hit the big time
With no lies or trickery
Just an honest man doing what he can
For his love and family
I don't have any sorrow
About what I've done or what I do
Can't stand for lies or long goodbyes
So I'll just say fuck you

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