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by John Havel

People, let me tell you
About what I've found.
When it comes to married women,
I don't mess around.
It got me so much trouble
And dragged me down to the ground.

I should have known better,
It's not much to see through.
If she's going to cheat on him,
She's sure to cheat on you?
And the man that she's living with
Might make you sing the blues.

I know a woman ... oh
She's so fine - like sunshine.
I'd like to get to know her more
And see if she's my kind.
I ask myself one question:
Would her husband mind?

Oh yeah, I hear what you're saying.
You're saying, "John, you ain't thinking right".
I'm going to take some time
And just keep her in my sight.
Ain't no harm to sing to those
Dark eyes so bright.

Behind The Song

All characters appearing in this

work are fictitious. Any resemblance

to real persons, living or dead, is

purely coincidental.