I still can't find the reason why
You portrayed yourself as a friend.
It was a comfort, but it didn't last too long
And all was found out in the end.

You cheated on me and kicked me out the door.
You found another lover you didn't need me no more.
You stole from me although I gave you everything I had.
Does taking more than what I could give -
does that make you glad?

You lied to me, it was going on for way too long
How can I put up with your lies when it's all wrong?
But there's just one lie, I can't get over it's true.
It's when the times you'd tell me I Love You.

You had it all planned a long time ago
Just playing with my heart until you said so
It's time to take the cash and just move on
To another Frankiestein toy that you'll prey upon

You're still telling lies to family and our friends
You're never going to stop, it's never going to end
Nobody but me knows the truth about your past
If I just can't trust you, my love can never last

You cheated on me, don't you know I'm a proud man?
We were headed back that way, I had to take a stand.
You stole from me, well now I've been rich and I've been poor
Money will always come and go, being happy's what life is for.

You lied to me looking straight into my eyes.
I loved you so much, just couldn't see your disguise
And there's that one lie I'll never get over it's true
Is when you'd lie and tell me I Love You.

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