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by John Havel

So now with a pen in hand,
I'm supposed to figure out the plan.
Why not just quit? After all, isn't it
just another grain of sand.

The real reason I am sane
Is because I'm not to blame.
For you know now that we're apart
I know it's the start
to the rest of my life in the game.

So what do we do in the end
When you see a stranger, your best friend?
Don't run and call the cops,
It ain't gonna make it stop.
I'll lose the last cent that I lend.
I'll lose the last cent that I lend.
Yeah, I'll lose the last cent that I lend.

Behind The Song

This song goes back to the late '70's - early 80's.
I was doing a lot of partying and a lot of writing - I
still have much of what I wrote, but haven't looked
through all that stuff in years. This is, obviously,
a rather pessimistic, downer type of tune. Pretty
much every song I've written I can remember what
I was thinking ... except this one. Strangely, the
last verse is somewhat familiar nowadays.